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2nd Feb 2020

Ep. 00 - Crash Test Dummy


This is our first episode of The Relationship Roadtrip. We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and our hopes and dreams for the direction of this podcast.

We are a family (and family friendly) podcast. 

Dr. Don Azevedo (Papa Don) - Our navigator who has been in practice as a clinical psychologist for 31 years. He is an entrepreneur and executive coach. He also owns Azevedo Family Psychology. 

Kimberly Azevedo, LMFTA (Daughter & Sister) - Our mechanic who is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate. She is working with Dr. Azevedo at Azevedo Family Psychology and will be offering the scientific dynamics of therapeutic work and different tools to incorporate into relational living.

Ben Azevedo (Son & Brother) - Our back-seat driver and producer. He brings Dr. Azevedo and Kim back down to the real world and adds “day to day” experiences. He is also the producer of the podcast and the owner of Bear Cave Audio.


Quote of the Day - Sally Hope, Life Coach

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About the Podcast

The Relationship Road Trip
Navigating the twists and turns of all the important relationships in your life.
Healthy relationships are at the core of a happy life. Each week, join Ben, Don, and Kym Azevedo as they share personal and professional experience on navigating the beautiful, complex, and sometimes surprising relationships we all share. For people who are interested in nurturing and growing all the relationships in their lives, this podcast is for you.
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About your hosts

Don Azevedo

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The man, the myth, the legend! Dr. Don brings over 30 years of clinical psychology experience to the show, as well as a certain...gravitas. Until he delivers one of his notorious puns, that is.

Kym Azevedo

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Kym is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a penchant for art and a legendary sass. She also knows a lot about sharks!

Ben Azevedo

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Though he's all questions and no answers as the host of the show, Ben provides the post-show expertise, mixing and editing The Relationship Road Trip to sound great. And making sure he doesn't sound TOO foolish on the show.